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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the fog lifts...

Depression is a strange thing, on Friday the fog just lifted and I felt so much better. Over the weekend I tried to figure out what had helped and realised it was the fact that those who support me didn't tell me to cheer up or get a grip. Instead they agreed it was probably normal and not to worry about it, so I relaxed and let it flow and it passed. Wish all bouts of depression were as easy to rid myself of.

It was a relief that the fog lifted as the kids have a week off school and I had feared for their sanity if I was in that terrible mood. But so far we've had a good week, managed to keep son off of the Playstation for a few hours each day. Daughter has pried herself away from the TV at times. We've made foam roses, coloured in some window stickers and read books. If we carry on like this by the end of the week the house should be crammed with junk.

Which brings me to my first attempt to get on with life. While I have been ill the clutter in the hosue has been breeding and Monday I decided enough was enough. Setting myself a manageable target...... our bedroom and bathroom I set out to clear the clutter. Our bedroom was beginning to look more like a jumble sale than a place to retreat to. Apparently that is what a bedroom should be according to all those interior design programmes I've been watching on daytime TV. So I shifted, sorted and binned until I found the carpet, surfaces and oh yes a bed. thenof course I found dust... so I cleaned.

When hubby came to bed last night he panicked and clung to the walls claiming that he was suffering from agarophobia due to the increased space in the room. I hurled a stuffed animal at him and that seemed to cure him.

Now I have to decide where to start next, we are rapidly running out of stair width, but then as you clear each room, that's where stuff gets dumped, I refuse to go in daughter's room, I might never emerge again. Son's bedroom is dangerous unless you are wearing hard sole shoes and a crash helmet. Maybe the kitchen, but that could take weeks.....

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Blogger Ambler said...

I know this is totally random because I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I just want to say Good Luck!

My mother has just had a cancer op and she is going through the same stuff. It's been hard for us all, but her most of all.

This may help, it may not, but I told my mum when this all started with her that I will never say "Don't cry mum..." because all that tells her is "I'm not comfortable with seeing you cry..." Instead I told her to cry when she needed to, laugh when she needed and scream when she needed and that I would be there to listen to her and help her.

Don't listen to those fools who say "Get over it..." or "pull yourself together".

Good luck with your jouney or recovery. Sorry for the randomness of this comment.

12:18 am  
Blogger Beth said...

Hi, and wecome to blog land! Thanks for your offer to send me chocolate, but I'm not a chocoholic at all. I really only buy it once a year, when it's on sale, otherwise I can take it or leave it. I do know good chocolate when I taste it, though, and I know what you mean when you say "poor soul" about the chocolate in the US. I think it's a lot easier to get imports now; people are figuring out that a Hershey's bar is crap.

8:21 pm  

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