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Friday, February 25, 2005

"he hath a lean and hungry look..."

So first off, WOW and then maybe a COOL, and finally SLUMP. Last night we went out to the theatre, it has been so long since we went out together to the theatre. It took it being a work thing to get us there but it is a start. We did something together that we really enjoy and actually had two long conversations in the car. Something we haven't done in a while, with all we've been going through the passed four years I'm sure we can be forgiven for losing the plot.

Anyways, I digress, back to the play which is where all those gasps of amazement came from. We went to the RSC production of Julius Caesar at The Swan Theatre in Stratford. I love going to see Shakespeare, I was lucky to have an English teacher who knew how to teach it right. Her classe's never thought of Shakespeare as boring and this has stayed with me. But I think most people would have enjoyed this production, the set was post modern scaffolding structure, the costumes all street wear of today and the cast were for the most part young and vibrant.

I am glad I wasn't wearing anything white, as the stage blood was flying about and in much abundance. Son would have probably enjoyed it, at the end of the play I pressed my programme into a drop of the blood to get a print to show him. He was very impressed. The Swan theatre is beautiful, it is a theatre in the round and these were the best seats I have sat in in a while. We were right by the stage and at times I had to lean back for fear of being bumped by the actors.

Oh, and the lean and hungry look quote? Well two of the actresses looked like this, I mean I suddenly came over all mumsy and wanted to rush down to McDonalds and get them a Happy Meal or three, each. Honestly they were so thin when they turned sideways it was like they stepped off the stage.

Slump, by the way, refers to how I felt at the end. The effort of thinking what they are saying back into English then add in the energy of this production, and slump is what I did when I got to the car. I wanna go again... scuse me need to go whine at hubby and check out the website of the RSC.

Oh, on another thread completely, am working on hubby to get a puppy. Chances of success probably nil. But his boss has nine puppies that need a home and he says I can have one. We just have to sneak it past the Hubby . You think he'd notice one if we sneaked it in? Maybe not while it was little, but Labradors do get bigger.. sigh.


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