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Saturday, February 19, 2005

subliminal brainwashing...

Well it's either that or I am going loopy. I found myself cleaning up the kitchen and living room today. Willingly on a Saturday and there can only be one possible cause of this strange event. I have been brainwashed, by the Stepford Wives DVD. Be warned this DVD can cause you to want to clean house and long for clear surfaces, I'll be making sculptures out of pine cones next.

All that aside I hit the usual annoyance. PILES! Why is it my hubby is so tidy that his workmates fear for his sanity, he has a clear desk at work, even his mug goes in a drawer. Yet at home tidy to him here involves piling up everything somewhere he cannot see it. Which is all well and good until the rest of us need to find something.

I cannot leave anything out for five minutes when he is home. This was a real drawback when the kids were babies, babies require attention NOW so you drop everything where it is and go sort them. Which was fine on days hubby was at work, but when he was around you'd return to find the project or job you needed to get done, that had take a couple of hours to lay out, piled up neatly on the windowsill.

He finds days when we get all the craft stuff out painful. I learnt early on that with kids the trick to get quality arts and crafts out of them is to set out everything somewhere safe ie. hose downable and then leave it out for the day or even a few days if it's possible. Then you sit and have a go yourself and they like to watch and copy. Oh you still get piles of dross but then they get it and bingo you get something that you want to keep forever. I have a few baubles for the Christmas that my kids made that I hope I'll still be dragging out as a Grandmother. Touch wood. But that's a topic for another day, preferably when there's no-one around to hear me cry.


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