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Thursday, February 24, 2005

when weathermen get it wrong...

Well Son is not impressed, all week we have been promised snow. At the weekend it was going to be a few inches, we had a few flakes. Monday, four inches and wrap up warm it's going to be cold. Snow started, it settled, an hour later it melted. Son arrives home from school, throws coat on floor in disgust "Weathermen always lie about snow." he snaps, kicks his shoes off and stomps off. I stand there looking down at my feet, "Hi Son, how's was your day? Thanks for the hug..." stepping over the coat I wander back into the living room and settle down to watch TV and respond to requests for food, drink... Playstation.

Tuesday, and it's looking more hopeful, it really makes an effort, we get a few hours of snow. Only within hours it has also melted. Son is not amused and when his sister arrives home from school to announce that "They say it's going to be six inches tonight!" Son huffs at her and turns up the sound on the TV. I wonder is this like believing in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy?

In our house both kids know that Mummy believes in Father Christmas and always will. They also know that Daddy is the Tooth Fairy and very fetching he looks in his tutu and sparkly wings. It's his own fault he should be more careful when rummaging for teeth under pillows.

So now Son has lost all faith in the weatherman. I think for now this only applies to snow prediction. Yesterday there was loads, it was great, we threw snowballs and slid. It was snowing heavily as I walked back from school, I really thought it had set in and we would get the six inches. Must point out by loads I mean about an inch but it wasn't melting. However, two hours later I look out of the window and all the snow has gone. Foiled again.

Today, we woke up to a good three inches, and it was great snow. The sort that makes perfect snowballs and snowmen. Son was up at 6am so that he could go out and play before school. When we got to school all the kids had gone onto the field completely ignoring all rules about not going on the field in winter. Within ten minutes they had built two large snowmen. Then they got called in, it's been snowing and sleeting all day. But there is the problem, while it was sleeting the ground cover stuff was melting. So we are back to square one again.

See it did snow! Blink and you'll miss it. Posted by Hello

I remember when I was a kid it would snow and settle, it lasted long enough to make things, find the sledge, walk to the Downs and ride the sledge. These days, well you've seen what happens. It's sad, will we have to travel with our children to find snow? Nothing beats being outside at night after a thick snowfall, better still when it's still falling. Those big feathery flakes, the absolute silence, everything muffled, just the crunch of your boots in the fresh snow....

Oh well, my grandkids will probably wear shorts all year round and finally we will discover the joys of AC for homes.



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