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Thursday, March 24, 2005

let me talk to your supervisor...

Before we got broadband we had two phone lines. One for the house, one for the computer. Now we have broadband and I'm meant to have had the second line disconnected, only it's proving a tad difficult.

You see the bill is in hubby's name but as he works long hours I get to sort out jobs like this. Now we've had broadband about three or four months maybe longer and still this isn't sorted. Our original excuse was, I was ill and it was hard to book engineers' visits when I wasn't sure if I'd be here. Here's how it goes now...

Me: Hello I'd like to have our second line disconnected please?

Them: Certainly Madam, can you give me your account number and the full address and which number you want disconnected?

Me: (gives the information needed)

Them: I'm sorry but you're not the bill holder.

Me: No I am his wife, he's at work and asked me to srot this out.

Them: I'm very sorry but we can only carry out this work if your husband calls us.

Me: But I'm calling from the other line, I know the account number and all the other information.

Them: I'm very sorry but it has to be your husband.

Me: Uh right, uhm so if I drag in any man off the street to speak to you for me you'd do it?

Them: Madam we need to speak to the bill holder.

Me: Ok nevermind. Hangs up.

Hubby came home and I explained the problem. "That's ridiculous" he said "Next time say you are me."

"But I'm not male?" me says very puzzled.

Hubby grins, mimes being on the phone "I'm sorry are you being rude? I don't believe this. May I speak to your supervisor please."

Hehe, now that was funny, but then he said, "We should do it when I'm off at Easter, only when they get the supervisor you put me on the phone."

I can just see it now the poor call centre worker going but he sounded female. The supervisor rolling her eyes. Course we won't do that, instead we'll be boring and I will nag hubby till he calls them on Tuesday.

Oh been working on the puppy front again... had a friend bring round her beautiful black lab puppy. Only thriteen weeks old and so well behaved. Hubby definitely wavered, at first we thought he wasn't going to, but when he had to go out and stopped to pet the dog and say bye to it. I'll try and post pics soon.



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