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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

laugh in the face of fate...

Well life with a puppy is uhm... wet, busy and entertaining. he is a loveable soul, crawls into my lap for a cuddle and has figured out that he has to impress Dad. It is hard to explain what it is about him that makes me so happy, but I have felt so much better in myself since he arrived.

I've been out in the garden lots, it's looking very tidy. Son has barely mentioned the Playstation, although the novelty is wearing off and he is drifting back. But my kids are definitely spending more time outside and are definitely more active. I can't wait for next Tuesday when he will have had his second lot of vaccinations and we can start going for walks.

So far he's not woken us at night, settled right away first night, although he did try whining for a few minutes just as I got into bed. But then he quieted down and has been very good. Ok, so I do wade through piddle and pooh first thing, but I don't mind if I get sleep. I keep reminding myself this stage isn't forever, we will crack this housetraining bit.

Seamus was asking what I called him, I hadn't realised that I'd not said. There's a story behind it, as there should be behind all good names. On Saturday hubby finally caved, "I'm not saying yes." "But are you saying no?" I ask. "I'm not saying yes." So I went upstairs and arranged to become mum to our little pup. Then went to bed early and sat on internet reading up on puppies. Suddenly it was real, I'd been thinking about it for months and asking for weeks. Now it was real, the fight was over I could have my puppy. I was shit scared and panicking.

Finally it was bedtime proper and hubby came to bed. We settled down and I couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning, finally hubby asked what was up and I said I didn't think I should get a puppy afterall. You could tell he tried hard not to cheer. I got up and went to surf the net and chat to online friends.

I love the online community, if I can't sleep I can always find a friend to talk to. I found Ben online and told him, I'm allowed a puppy but I've changed my mind. We chatted, he pondered, he quizzed, finally he asked, what's really bugging you? I realised what it was, what if I got ill again, would taking on a committment like a pupy, a long term committment be tempting fate. Would I jinx myself. Ben laughed, that's silly, you cna't live like that. You should laugh in the face of fate and call him Jinx.

Jinx? Hmmm, we had thought of Jack. Jinx?

First time I met pup I knew his name... Jinx

Or if we are being posh... Dark Secret Agent Jinx. Because he is the Dog in Black.



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