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Friday, April 01, 2005

time to help fundraise....

Each comment on April 1st means a dollar donated to a great cause!!! GO, COMMENT!! NOW!! please...  Posted by Hello

Well you all know why I support this. But here's another reason, Daughter had radiotherapy on her lungs which put her at increased risk of Breast Cancer, now I have it, her odds get worse. Help support this fundraiser and put an end to this disease, already great improvements have been made in treatments. It would be nice to have a decent cure by the time she is at risk.

Feeling selfish today, then bear this in mind, Breast cancer is never cured once you have it hangs over you for life. Breast cancer affects all ages and men and women. No-one is safe.

If you can afford to, please pledge something, if you can't afford, then post a comment to help increase donations. If oyu can help advertise the cause, please do... oh and Happy April Fool's Day, let's make a fool out of Breast Cancer.



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