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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Over at Damp Dog you can see the cutest new fashion in rugs. Everyone should have one, but as I don't have room for one I've got my own mini version. He's not happy tonight, had his second lot of vaccinations and is not himself at all. I've had to be quite fierce with him. Laid down ont he kitchen floor and snuggled with him. Finally have tucked him up early and will deal with the extra pooh and wee int he morning, he is just not sociable right now, he needs to nap. But this is what he is like normally when I'm blogging. The table is a bit too tidy, I took this yesterday, today I've been clearing up all this itty bitty paperwork jobs. Today the table is covered in papers.

My current blogging place... note black footstool. Posted by Hello

Its funny how like having a newborn baby this is. Tonight my mothering instincts kicked in, I knew he was overtired and grumpy, I did more or less what I would have done for my own kids. I am finally beginning to understand why childless folks treat their dogs just like children.

We're booked into puppy classes, which start in May and we can go for a walk outside the garden on Saturday. Thank the gods, I don't think either of us can stand the garden much longer. At the vets today Jinx met his first strange dog. Fortunately it was an old fella who was very understanding. Jinx was a good boy and showed he has learnt some manners. See what I mean about being like kids? I was so proud of him.

Here's a picture I took out of the kitchen window by the table.

My two boys... Posted by Hello

I think George needs to practice his sit more! My next blog will be about the joys of getting insurance for a trip abroad post-cancer. I'm telling you this to discipline myself. More on the Daughter story to come...



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