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Thursday, May 26, 2005

before I go...

I should really put poor Michelle out of her misery. Seamus gets the prize, uhm hunts around, pulls out used kleenex... here's the prize!

I wrote this poem about eight and a bit years ago, when my son first started to walk. My kids moved early, this is not a blessing in any shape or form. Crawling at six months before you have depth perception is designed to make your mother a nervous wreck within a week. If my scanner were't being a beast I'd scan in some baby photos to show you. These two then went on to walk at ten months (Amy) and nine months (George).

One day he just walked up tome and put his tiny hand in mine and tugged, he had no real strength but he persevered, he had no language but he got me to follow. I sat down after he'd done it and just wrote this. It's been fine tuned since but the bulk of it was scribbled down in a few minutes. That moment I still hold dear in myheart. Even to this day he will still do this if he really needs me.

I hope he will always feel he can do that.

I am away to Center Parcs for a week with the kids and hopefully hubby. If he gets his act together and makes it down there. No internet, no cars, just peace and quiet. Should be lots of ducklings and goslings and cygnets. Although they are cute the mummy ones can be fierce. Last year we have a whole family of goslings wander into our villa for a visit.

LAst year I had just had surgery and had to be very careful this year I can join in. YAYY, going to take my knitting and the laptop to write. Will see you all in a week, oh we're at the Elveden site... it's flatter, saves on the legs when cycling.



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