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Friday, May 13, 2005

wot no blog...

I know, I know I've been back a few days and no post. First couple of days was jetlag but today I had a bad trip to hospital. Went in asking for a procedure came out dreading test results. Not really feeling like going into details, just cross everything that it's nothing just Doctors being ultra careful.

I'm also having fun and games with bleeding, cut my foot on last night in Atlanta and it bled for an hour. Eventually Michael had to bandage it up to stop it. Then yesterday my nose bled for longer than usual, so had the joy of blood tests.

Does this roller coaster never end? So Atlanta... was great! What a beautiful city, so many trees, beautiful weather and fun things to do. As for the people I met, all wonderful and lovely. Tricia from Woodnotwood was hilarious, little scary at first as she clamped me in a vice like hug and didn't appear to want to let go, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Let's just say one of Tricia's hugs is equivalent to ten of anyone elses, they are well worth travelling all that way. Her hubby was lovely too, bless him as he took on the role of photographer, it felt as if he spends his life keeping up with Tricia.

I'm waiting for Michael to upload photos so I can copy and then put some up here. I was spoilt rotten by Michael, hugged by Bob and treated like an intelligent human being by all their friends. Something that doesn't happen much here at home. I cooked Thai food for thirty, a feat that even amazed me and I think I'm booked to cook Indian next trip.

We rode rollercoasters, went up Stone Mountain, which is like going to the moon and visited a Gay Bar. "You'll be safe in here, it's a gay bar!" were the famous last words...

Got felt up in a gay bar... whacked guy standing next to me on butt for goosing me, he claimed innocence, I'm not entirely convinced of his innocence but as he got a good slap will let it rest. Pair of us spent rest of trip teasing each other about the incident.

If you really want to know how spoilt I was... Michael put up with being dragged round Michael's Crafts for an hour, and various other shops on a hunt for stuff for Vannah. Hopefully package should be heading her way in next week.

Oh I forgot... the greeting at the airport... no wait.. it needs pictures. Will tell you all about that when I have the photo evidence, suffice it to say Atlanta thought it had a famous celebrity visiting. Hope they weren't too disappointed.


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