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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

summer solstice...

It's time to dance naked in the garden, Midsummer's Eve. The longest day of the year, a time to enjoy the sunshine that brings life to this planet. Such a fine line between it bringing life or not. The Earth is in exactly the right place that we do not freeze nor do we shrivel up and burn. Every living thing on this planet depends upon it's energy giving rays.

Yet, it could also be the key to our destruction if we don't sort out the greehouse gases. So my hope for this Midsummer Eve is that the World Leaders will finally see sense and work together to save the planet. It might not happen in our lifetime, but look at our children, what about our children's children. What if they suddenly discover a way to keep us all a live a lot longer? Wouldn't it be a real shame not to be able to enjoy that. " Well we can keep you alive another two hundred years, but as the World was too busy fighting each other we didn't fix the environment and never had time to figure out how to fly away from here. Sorry but you'll not get to enjoy it."

So this evening when I light candles with my kids, I will hope for Gaia to work her magic on the World Leaders. Unfortunately I think most of them are too out of touch with the real world for Gaia to ever get through.

Here's to you all, may you have long peaceful lives, much happiness and good luck for the next year. Oh and dancing naked in the garden? I think I better not, don't want to scare off the neighbours.


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