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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Holiday spot quiz…

So you’re on holiday and you go visit this place that is really busy. Parking is a nightmare, you’re driving round the car park and your two children are beginning to turn an interesting shade of green. Your wife points this out and sensibly you suggest they get out and wait nearby while you park.

They do this… what do you do?

a. Park the car and then wander over to where you saw them last and follow the people
b. Park the car then walk off in the completely opposite direction, wander around the town and get something to eat.
c. Park the car get out a book and read.

Meanwhile bear in mind your wife and kids, are also waiting to have lunch.

I am gradually coming to some decisions about my life. Difficult to blog about here, but I’ll let you all in on it soon.

Meanwhile I am actually progressing with my knitting. Bear in mind I bought the pattern and wool for this pattern just after I was diagnosed last year. The plan being to knit the thing while I was recovering. Only I never got round to it, as it was complex and I hadn’t reckoned on the affect chemo would have on my concentration.

But look, I’ve almost finished the back, the rest should be much simpler as it is two fronts and two sleeves. I also want to make a start on a simple plain cardigan and when Michael saw this, he requested something from the same pattern book. So now I’ve got three items to be getting on with.

Success! Ok nobody peer at this closely I have made a few mistakes, but as I've not knitted Aran since I had Amy and she will be 11 on Wed. I'm claiming it makes it look handmade. Posted by Picasa

Cornwall is as beautiful as ever, although I've known it to have better weather. We aren't freezing to death. Will try to sort out some photos for you all.


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