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Monday, August 01, 2005

welcome to Hotlanta...

Well we're here and I have been taking my new job as blood donor to the local mosquito population very seriously. I think at the last count I had 42 bites, all swelling up and turning yummy. They are now finally drying up, thanks to hydrocortisone, benadryl and a homeopathic remedy. I swear it was the latter that finally cracked it. I looked like a victim of bubonic plague, when I have shorts on people catch sight of my legs and then discreetly try to move away from me.

The kids seem happy and settled, they like their room, they love the animals... two dogs and two cats, and they love Michael. The cats have now moved into the top of Michael's closet and venture out only at night when the kids are asleep, if only I could do that too. We had another tiny dog to stay for a few days and she was loved to the point of exhaustiona nd has now gone home to rest up ready for her next visit.

Michael is spoiling the kids rotten, but what the hell, they deserve it after the last four years. He is also learning plenty about taking care of kids... and that even if they go to bed late they still get up at the crack of dawn, well at least George does.

I cooked Indian food on Saturday for a crowd of people and they all loved it. Which was a relief. Spent today taking the kids to Fernbank Natural History Museum, which was wonderful. Well laid out, plenty of buttons to push, any parent reading will understand the importance of this comment, and a good visiting exhibition called Grossology. All about farts, sick, burps and pooh. What more could a kid ask for... how about a shop selling stretchy body parts and joke pooh?

Next week we get to go to Washington.

Anyways that's all we've done so far... I must call Trish and Owen and sort out meeting up. Sorry about the blogging delay, life got chaotic, but in a nice way. I will say this, since I have been here I've not felt depressed or down, or pondered dying early. Do I have to go home?


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