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Sunday, September 25, 2005

an odd surprise...

Well I’m back, an interesting trip. Jinx survived his operation and didn’t seem too fussed at the loss of his bits. He sulked with me for only a little while and then just wandered about getting cabin fever.

My operation was another matter, went in expecting my ovaries to be removed by keyhole surgery. If they couldn’t get them by keyhole then I’d be having a full hysterectomy. How did the day go? Well an early start asked to be in by 7.30am, fitted with delightful surgical stockings to prevent blood clots, and string underwear, I’m too sexy for this bed too sexy for this op… sorry couldn’t help the singing.

Surgeon arrives, she is a lovely woman and I like her most because she treats me as if I have a brain. We went through the risks and such and I signed on the dotted line. See you later she said and off she went to begin operation one. I was second on list, my turn to roll down the corridor came, they always laugh that I never lay flat on the bed when being wheeled away. The nurse who stayed with me for the anaesthetic was a sweetie, he held my hand the whole time, and my surgeon threatened to hit my anaesthetist when I moaned that the canula hurt. I was given something that made me feel like the whole room was spinning, Michael’s famous margaritas had nothing on this stuff, so glad I had a hand to hold. Then came the cold stuff and ….

So I come round in the recovery room and the first thing I remember saying, never sure if you’ve said a ream of stupid stuff earlier, but the first thing I remember is asking “Keyhole?” this old guy in recovery patted me on the shoulder said welcome back and yes it was keyhole. I relaxed, it was all over no need for a hysterectomy. Continued passing in and out, vaguely recall chatting with the recovery staff no idea what about. Finally woke up one time and I was back in my room.

About an hour later I came round enough that I talked to the nurse and she let slip that I still had an ovary. Confused would be an understatement, she said something about it being stuck, but all would be revealed when my surgeon came to talk to me later. Another hour passed and again when I asked something I got the reply, “Oh no you still have both ovaries, the surgeon found something and had to stop.” Ok, now those of you who have read this no this is not the right thing to say to someone with my history. Yep you guessed it major panic, mind working nineteen to the dozen, all sorts of scenarios played out in my head. Not to mention checking my stomach and figuring that despite still having ovaries I now also had three keyholes in my body.

So to put you all out of your misery, unlike me, when the surgeon showed up at 5pm, hell they have long working days. She walked in and just smiled at me, “You were right!” she said “I admit it, but you gave me such a surprise. You have endometriosis.” The letter that arrived yesterday from her explained better, probably cos I’m properly awake now. It seems that all my life I have had this condition, but the tamoxifen I take to prevent breast cancer coming back makes it worse. When she peeped in she found a mess, one ovary was welded to my bowel and uterus. She had to spend all her time trying to release it, then cleaned up what she could. It was too much of a mess to do the big op, she needs to plan it and talk to me. Oh she also had someone driving across the county with a different machine to perform one part of the op. I’m guessing the anaesthetist was scrabbling around to keep me under.

So I am now “looking forward” to another op. This one will be major surgery, six weeks bed rest and very very light duties. Three months being very careful and six months before she will allow me to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Six weeks of no driving is the thing I worry about most. I begin to wonder if this will all ever be over. It just seems to go on and on…

So that’s the medical stuff, am sore but well, walked to local shops today. Now for something more pleasant. Knitting news…

I finished the back of the jumper for Michael, am close to completing one front of my own cardigan and am pondering ripping back this scarf and trying again as it’s curling up and as the yarn is man made I’m guessing I can’t block it into submission. Pictures below…

Apologies for focus, but my current projects on the go... Posted by Picasa

Back of Michael's jumper... Posted by Picasa

One front, almost complete for my blue aran... Posted by Picasa

A pink scarf... Posted by Picasa

My plain knit... see pattern pic... Posted by Picasa

The pattern... I love this cardigan. Posted by Picasa

Th.. th.. that's all folks... more tomorrow...


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