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Thursday, November 17, 2005

half nekkid thursday....

This kind of breaks the rules for Half-Nekkid Thursday, I didn't take the pic, but I'm in a hospital gown so definitely half-nekkid! Posted by Picasa

What is it with hospital gowns? Surely in this modern age we could come up with something that doesn't gape at the back.

Close up of the horror, although that little black button was good. Posted by Picasa

Ok, so most would say the real horror was having half your insides removed, but from my viewpoint this was the worst bit, I could see this bit.

This is what I made while I was in hospital, finished this week. My FIRST sock! Posted by Picasa

Many thanks to my secret pal for setting me on the road to sock making, it's so comfy! Now I just need to knit the second one...


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