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Monday, November 07, 2005

hospital here I come...

You remember a while back I told you all I had to go in for an op. Well tomorrow is the day, Bargain Basement Clear Out... how much can I get for a uterus, cervix and two ovaries on ebay? Slightly pickled, not that old?

I go in at 11am GMT tomorrow, op will be sometime that afternoon, should get home on Saturday if all goes well. I am going to miss Amy's first concert at school, she is singing with the Choral Society at the Memorial Concert. One of the teacher's is going to see if they can record it for me. She is so excited and I am miffed I can't see it. But if I delay the op I might not be well over Christmas, so I made a choice.

Magz of Maggiezfarm got run over by one of her horses, and needs mothering. Go hound her to look after herself for me, and use some of the blogger magic to heal her.

See you all in about a week...


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