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Monday, November 14, 2005

thank the gods I listen to my instincts...

Hi, I'm back, a little lighter,

I feel great, bit sore in places but not too bad. My stepmum has come to stay to look after me and is making sure I don't overdo it. I am supposed to be napping so shhhh... nobody tell!

The op went well, the night after was hell, according to hubby and my nurses. I wouldn't know all I have is a very blurred recollection of events, morphine is a wonderful thing. I have a dream like memory of my favourite nurse showing up, still not sure she really did, think she did. I also recall pressing my little button lots.

No Trish of Woodnotwood, not that button silly, the one dosing me with morphine. Some people just love to dangle in the gutter :-)

It seems yet again my instincts were spot on, Surgeon came to see me on Wednesday and explained that she had taken out a bit extra as my ovaries hadn't looked very nice and she just wanted to be safe. Means I got my tummy tuck! But also two days of panic... I knew exactly what she was thinking but neither of us would openly say it.

Seems my ovaries were cystic, swollen, and just plain odd. Poor pathologist though, surgeon forgot to tell him that a month ago she had microwaved the inside of my uterus, so he rang her in a panic because he thought I'd been BBQing my insides. ROTFL

Results came back ALL CLEAR! Phew, but ovaries were definitely heading down a bad route and churning out heaps more oestrogen than they should have been, which means the tamoxifen wouldn't have been working. So all in all a good thing this was done, and while I am supposed to be feeling weepy, I feel over the moon.

Although I will admit to bursting into tears at stupid stuff on TV but that will pass.

Gotta go I hear NanaCarol coming... meeeeeep!

PS hugs and thanks to everyone who dropped by!


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