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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

is this nekkid enough...

I was pondering what to post for HNT. Then it dawned on me, this time last year I was staring my last chemo cycle in the face. I had my last dose two days before Christmas. It's weird in some ways it seems like only yesterday and then I think about it and it seems years away. So much has happened since then.

So here I am when I first had all my hair shaved off.

I don't ever plan on getting this nekkid again! Posted by Picasa

And this next photo was taken as I had my last chemo. I think I've posted it before, but the nurse with the syringe, is the same nurse who while I was in this time, popped in every day to say hi when she was on duty. I swear she had hidden cameras, cos she managed to "pop" in whenever I had just crossed my ankles and would yell uncross those legs. She also came and talked to me when I refused a blood test. When I apologised for being a wimp she told me off, told me that I was never a wimp far from it. Made me feel so much better. I still love my chemo nurses...

Chemo at Christmas! Posted by Picasa

Oh, and the Christmas headgear we are both wearing did help, a lot! I recommend it for all chemo patients. Here's to almost a year on from the end of chemo! CHEERS!!!


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