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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm back... no really I am...

Me creeps back in and brushes off the dust and cobwebs. I feel so bad, I let this slide, although I have let a few things slide lately. I guess the Winter managed to control me again, I feel like a bear who has just been hibernating. But now it is SPRING! My absolute favourite time of year. I’m back… really this time I am.

I wonder if I’m still talking to anyone? I know how tiresome it is to keep checking a blog and find that there’s no new post. My humble apologies, lethargy and such are not a real excuse.

I have been busy though, Nanner would be proud of me, I learnt to bead and am now chronically hooked. Crafts of any description should have a health warning. I’m also working on scrapbooking in an effort to clear out all the STUFF I’ve been saving for the past few years. Knitting is moving along, I’ll catch you all up on that in a day or so. First I need to update on babies, dogs, and life.

Hubby and I seem to be doing better which is a relief. He got a new job and I’m so proud that finally he made it to Director. He was meant to get to this step on the ladder when Amy was diagnosed but had to pass. Finally he is back to where he should be, although he talks a lot about early retirement... please no… him home 24 hours a day 7 days a week? It just doesn’t bear considering besides with all these new crafts I’m taking up we need the money. Muhahahaha…. cough, cough, sorry don’t know what came over me.

I am close now to deciding that going back to teaching is not worth the stress and hassle that will entail. I feel my kids need me, and if I recall this is the same discussion I opened with just over a year ago when I started this blog. I won’t really feel I’ve given up the idea until I actually pack up all the teaching resources and sell them off on e-bay. Are all teachers pack rats? I am looking into studying more about various crafts and maybe setting up a workshop service.

The kids are doing amazingly in their new school. George is finally beginning to figure out the social stuff. He still has his moments, but at least he is now controlling his temper and has made a good relationship with his headmistress. A wonderful woman, I am so grateful for all her help. George’s grades had all gone up this term and he is most proud of being top in his maths class.. Go George!

Amy seems to be heading more and more towards becoming a performer. She started singing lessons at this school and gained a new, fabulous flute teacher. She is taking her Grade Three exams Summer Term and is so confident. Last week was the Big Production, they performed Barnum and she was in the chorus. We barely saw her all week, but the show was fantastic and she got so much out of it. She’s also been accepted into the chapel choir, no mean task. The Choir Mistress had said to her “Oh we aren’t taking anyone till September now, but I’ll listen to you now.” After Amy sang she said “Can you start Summer Term?” Go Amy! I’m not sure if Amy is thrilled about this because it means her singing is good or because they pay them for attending rehearsals and services.

Amy is also very excited that she got one of the treasured places on the School Ski Trip. If any of you recall my fun and games finding travel insurance last year… imagine the fun I had this time. While school does organise insurance I do not trust companies to cover her for anything, therefore I make sure we cover her too.

Jinx is keeping me busy along with his best mate Jerry the English Springer spaniel.. Yes he is Jerry Springer! I take them both for a walk each weekday morning. Jerry’s mum, my good friend had to go back to work and he needed someone to take him. Walk one dog, might as well walk two and they both have fun together. Although I could do without the “Hmm let’s eat fox pooh…” or “Woohoo look fox pooh let’s roll in it.” moments. I’ll try and get a photo on this entry, but I don’t want to be put off posting this… I’ve missed you all, been trying to keep up on some blogs, really need to sort out my blogroll, maybe sort them into categories. Thanks for being patient….


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