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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

me and my boys by the seaside...

Beside the sea... Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

Last Wednesday we packed Amy off to Snowdonia with the school, where she was spending three days. Went home, took my time packing up the car, walked the dogs... and then the three of us got in the Groovemobile and headed down to Bournemouth.

Jinx first long car trip... he did great, although insisted on sitting up and watching for the first two legs of the journey. hence breaking journey into four bits, was worried about him sitting up so long. He loved the service station stops, all those smells, it seemed as if he had just found the best novel ever to reead each time we stopped.

Made it to Bournemouth and the hotel without either Jinx or George being sick. Checked in, took Jinx and George up to room in the lift... Jinx first time in a lift, I got the feeling he wasn't impressed, or maybe he didn't like the other dog that kept getting in with us. Mirrored back wall to lift... ROTFL.

Collapsed as you do after driving for miles and George and Jinx watched TV. Beautiful room with balcony, sea view and very large for a basic hotel room. Once my friend Cat arrived we headed out for a walk along the prom and beach. Jinx was so excited just sniffing the air, he knew something special was going on. Then we got to the railings at the top of the cliff and he froze. Black Lab heaven was in front of him... the biggest expanse of water he had ever seen.

Well, that was that he had to get down there, he loved it. Funniest thing watching him taste it for the first time, he didn't seem bothered by the sand. As it is before 1st May he was allowed to run free ont he beach, fortunately there weren't many people around. Jinx is not vicious, or even temperamental, but he is a big dog, black and likes to bounce to say hello. Not a problem with doggie people, but small children are at risk of being bowled over, adults get covered in paw prints. I've found the trick is to try and get him to work off some energy before going to crowded places. I have also learnt not to try to reach him before he reaches small children, but to reach the small children. He would never intentionally hurt them, but I can imagine when you are that little and this big furry animal with a large tongue bounces towards you it isn't pleasant.

When he is calm kids love him, he is handy for cleaning up sticky messes.

I'll tell you more tomorrow, maybe Thursday as fundraiser is tomorrow and the house is still a disaster area. Getting there though, see you all soon.


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