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Monday, June 12, 2006

numb fingers....

Sorry to not have posted in a while, have been enjoying the weather, sunshine is not to be sniffed at. Finally got the patio half cleaned, enough to set out the table and chairs. Now if I can just get the mould off the BBQ... I always mean to clean if at the end of Summer, then come Spring I am cursing myself. I think we need a new one this year mind, the burners are looking very rusty and just a little unsafe.

My garden is blooming, and full of vegetables. I have photos to show but cannot find the camera, it got tidied during unpacking. Mission for tomorrow. I have been spending evenings when it is cooler pottering in my greenhouse, have already harvested four courgettes (zucchini) and have tomotoes forming. Am also looking forwards to harvesting the first potatoes.

The children have only four more weeks of school then they have holidays until Sept. I am taking them to stay at my sister's caravan the first week, provided I am well. The caravan is right by the sea, just a few sand dunes to get over to go to the beach. Unfortunately Jinx is not allowed to come with us.

This weekend is a terrifying first... friends are holding a large family party and have asked families to bring a tent and camp inthe garden. So we have bought a tent and the kids are insisting we should go camping during the holidays. Help me!!! did I mention there will be fireworks at this party, I hope our tent survives.

I am in the middle of a medical flap. I returned fromholiday and had lost sensation in my right hand, my right foot is a little numb and my left hand comes and goes. I had been told I had Carpal Tunnel by a Doctor, but went to see my Osteopath who said nope not Carpal but soemthing isn't right. Then while I was away on holiday and not knitting, beading or using the computer it got worse. On the drive home even more so. I went that night to see my specialist and he tutted and said C3 and sent me to get my neck x-rayed. Turns out three vertebrae are closing up. This could be a. whiplash injury I didn't realise I got, b. arthritis or C yeah that C cancer back. So they are pulling my total body scan forward a month, and then will do MRI. Fingers crossed everyone... wish they'd hurry up and send me the appointment, I know there is only one scanner in the region as it is a brand new process.

It's a weird life I live in these days... arthritis or Cancer? Hmm I'll take arthritis for ten please... I'm fine, just have to laugh, nothing I can do about it right now, worrying will only make it worse. Most of the time I'm fine, I did have a little scared cry today. But then I cheered myself up by doing this...

I opened the big parcel my Secret Pal had sent me. She has been an absolute angel and I have been utterly useless at posting on here. Yet she got me pegged down to a t. The package contained cotton yarn in bright yellow, my favourite colour I am probably going to make myself a wrap with it I xsaw a pattern in Knitty for one that I liked. She also sent me lots of toher bits and bobs that I will list in detail tomorrow with a phot as I will find the darn camera. Before the big parcel there has been cards, notes, CHOCOLATe... a cute book, I think there was something esle but my chemo brain is struggling to recall. I kow every little thing that has arrived has made me smile. I saved the big parcel for four days before opening it as I just enjoyed looking at all the little parcels wrapped up.

That's what I love about Secret Pal you get to have Christmas all year. I am working on a parcel for my own spoilee, am hoping I can make it as wonderful as the one I have recieved.

Anyways I need to go knock back some drugs, remember at school when we sat throuigh all those lessons, Just say no to drugs... ROTFL I wish I could.

Will try very hard to post again tomorrow, love to you all, those that are still reading...


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