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Friday, July 21, 2006

help, I'm melting...

Back and had a great time. My sister is a wise soul and owns this tiny static caravan in Norfolk. We had a ball, although did have to be really careful about not making any major messes, youknow how sisters can be. We have rebooked to return in August in one of the bungalows on the same site, will take the dog and spend time with sis and her three kids.

The weather has been glorious, but now it's just too hot. We have had constant 30 degree heat, I have no idea what that is in farenheit but in celsius it's a killer. Bear in mind we just aren't used to heat and so are not set up for it. Air conditioning in domestic houses is a rare thing, although the portable units are finally becoming cheap enough to invest in if needed. We could not get the upstairs cool by any of the usual methods, those being fans, windows open, windows closed, curtains shut, forcing the kids to fan us constantly. I mean what is wrong with this country it used to work. So now we have a very noisy, probably very overpriced unit that has to stick a hose out the window, but it has made sleep a possibility.

I warn you now, all you women who haven't yet reached the menopause, hot flushes and hot weather are an evil combination. Finally today it was cool enough to take the dogs for a walk in the woods, where the thick canopy of leaves was keeping cool air trapped, the dogs were in doggie heaven sniffing and hunting and just running about. This afternoon the kids and I headed to the pool and cooled off. Today I feel almost human, although just a couple of cool nights would be good. Don't get me wrong I love having nice weather, but my poor garden is dying, my veggies are doing great and my nerves are teetering between murder and insanity.

We have just under seven weeks of school holiday to go, so far so good the kids are both alive and well. But it's been too hot to turn on the puter, too hot to send them outside and why do kids need the TV on at three times the normal volume? Are they worried I might be missing out?

ttylater I have to go figure out what we can eat that doesn't make us all feel sick just thinking about making it.


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