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Friday, August 04, 2006

parents 0 kids 3...

Still alive, as are both my kids so far so good with this school holiday. Was helped by the heatwave breaking for a week and the kids going for skiing lessons at the Snowdome. A heavenly place where they have snow indoors in the middle of a heatwave. Picture this, all the parents out onthe balcony of the bar shivering and saying "Isn't it great?"

Skiing actually looks fun, I never thought it would be but now with some nagging from Amy and George I am considering trying it. After the equivalent of four lessons they are now free to ski when they want at the slope without supervision. They were skiing down fromt he top of the slope and loving it. You never know maybe I have produced the next Eddie the Eagle. Although my children are better looking.

I have been busy trying to keep the children busy. So far so good, sibling warfare has been kept down to a low hum, mainly just low grade niggling at each other. We've been walking lots, swimming, seen a few films, many thanks for Grandpa for helping to pay for that. One more week and then we head back to Norfolk with Jinx. Which reminds me I must ring the place and check my booking is ok as I had ticked the box to send a cheque and forgot, but can probably show up with cash.

I am completely exhausted but holding out for the week in Cornwall when Dad gets the week off and the kids are officially his. I have already informed him of this. I think he thinks I'm joking. So just in case I have also booked a trip to Chicago to meet up with friends, chill out and generally pretend I'm not a mum for a few days. Only a long weekend but enough to just find myself again.

There are times I wish we could live in the US again. There are many good things about living over there, not just the shopping and food. But then I remember the local news in Houston, and stuff I hear about raising kids and I figure staying here is perhaps a better idea. Not because here is better, but I understand the systems here and how life works better so I can protect us from the dangers. I wouldn't be as confident in another country.


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