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Friday, September 15, 2006

final countdown...

At 8am BST I have to be at the airfield for my Tandem Skydive. We get thirty minutes of instruction, which I suspect consists of "Don't touch anything, do as you're told and have fun." Depending on the weather and how many of us are jumping I then wait around to make the jump.

I'm hoping that my partner will be good at this stuff,and smell sweet. My friends have been saying that they hope it's a he and he is hunky. Personally I just want someone who will make me feel confident and keep me distracted.

I'm not nervous tonight, excited a little hyper but not nervous. I think I'm not nervous because I cannot even imagine what this experience is going to be like and I welcome that. Finding out my daughter had cancer was an experience I never expected to have and was outside my comfort zone, as was my own cancer. But this will be a positive experience, even if I beg, scream and wail at the last minute. If it's anything like when I abseiled the first time, I'll lose it at the top and be dashing back to try again at the bottom.

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