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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I can fly...

Saturday Nov 4th I looked out and saw that the weather was great, today was the day. We jumped int he car... well crawled it was 7am and headed for McDonalds for breakfast then drove down to the airfield. RAF Weston on the Green in Oxfordshire isn't that far away but the journey took about an hour. Was I nervous? Nope just very excited, hubby, daughter and our babysitter came with me. George stayed at home didn't want to help scrape me off the ground.

So after a talk on safety and technique.. dangle don't mess with the equipment seemed the general gist. We then had the more important talk, how to look good on your DVD! I was relieved they had their priorities this way round. WE then had about an hours wait while I practiced my poses for the DVD and my daughter seemed to get more and more hyper. She was definitely worried, but also excited and wanting me to get on with it....

So here's what happened...

One step beyond... Posted by PicasaPhoto by Dave Francis

I'm flying Posted by Picasa Photo by Dave Francis

Beautiful day for flying... Posted by PicasaPhoto by Dave Francis

Nearly down.... Posted by PicasaPhoto by Dave Francis

I did it!!! Posted by PicasaPhoto by Dave Francis

I cannot recommend the experience enough, when I can figure out how to get the DVD online somehow I will... Many thanks to Loz Cross my Tandem Master and Dave Francis for great photos, brilliant DVD and reminding me to wave and breathe.

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