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Monday, August 25, 2008

Map or instinct ...

You decide. But consider this, hubby and I went to find a foodstore, we finally found one and did our shopping. Getting to the shop had not been simple, I think we went around the whole town once and we weren't entirely sure how to get back to the cottage and the kids.

I pulled out the map, hubby laughed, "We'll figure it out he says, look up there, autres directions, simple." Famous last words, I wondered if I'd see the kids again, memories of our last trip to France flash before me. I was clutching a map then when we attempted to leave Amiens, the city with no exits.

We reach the first junction, "Rochefort! We passes there on the way." This man is highly intelligent yet missed the mistake in his logic, I did try to explain, even pointed at the map. Fellow females you needn't read anymore you know this tale. We drive off fast down this road which I've just managed to identify on the map.

There is one exit in less than half a mile and then none for a very long time, almost all the way to Rochefort, our village is in the opposite direction. I managed to convince him barely in time to exit. He is making jokes and again chooses a direction with instinct just as I point the other way. Insults are exchanged and as signs show I might be right finally he pulls over and I demonstrate that I can still read a map. We turn around and set off...

We do this a few times and finally, bless him, he realises that when in the middle of French countryside you follow the map. We made it back via the scenic route, I've seen it now can we leave it.

By the way how is it the same make of Brie tastes sooooo much better here?

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You write very well.

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