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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pardon me for being dense...

but how is it us ordinary folks are having to come up with the cash to bolster the banking system, when it's not our fault? I mean, if anyone should be being handed the bill shouldn't it be the idiots in the banking system who got themselves into this mess. Didn't those folks during the build up to this take enormous bonuses, invest in large houses, holiday homes, boats, shares etc?

Why aren't they being made to give back some of this stolen money? That is what it is, stolen money, they tricked ordinary hard working folks into digging themselves into so much debt that the system couldn't cope anymore.

Do you remember the days when people talked about their bank manager with respect? It was considered an important event when you went to see the bank manager. Now if you book an appointment at the bank for some advice and help you get handed over to some marketing person.

I have a tale to tell about that... I'm saving it for another day, but a word of warning don't let your kids go talk to the bank about setting up their grown up accounts without you. From what I've seen banks are no longer respectable, they are filled with dangerous marketing sharks out to fleece the customers. Apologies to the few honourable bankers still out that, I have a few friends in the business who are not like that.

So when are the governments going to put someone up on trial for this mess? Someone needs to be held responsible, someone decided that getting rich quick using the earnings of hard working decent people was ok.


Blogger Inanna said...

Ah, we'll be left footing that bill for a long time to come. I wrote a lot of letters but it didn't do any good.

4:11 am  
Blogger noonie said...

We already started paying over here when our Government bailed out Northern Rock and then set up the depositers protection. I agree with the depositers being protected but am angry that this will mean less money in the kitty for health services, education etc.

9:24 pm  

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