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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Statutes of limitation...

Do they ever apply to household incidents? I wish they did, when we first moved into this house I set about turning this show home into a home. So out I went and bought some extra furniture, which of course meant my trusty rechargeable screwdriver was out and about. Somehow between moving in and just after Christmas the charger plug vanished.

Over the last two years I've been on the look out for it. Even to the point where I scoured the house for any unattached black charger plugs, gathered them all on a large table in the garage and played match the plug to the device. Nothing, nada, nil. I gave up and tossed all the orphaned plugs into the box and left them. I have my suspicions, I live with a man who likes to tidy... only he doesn't tidy he piles, or he dumps stuff into the garage. Not where it should go, not in a tool box, no he just dumps as near to the door as he can.

So when he bursts through the bedroom door today - I'm in bed with a really bad cold - he's all holier than thou about the charger for the electric screwdriver. Trust me, I am almost 100% sure that he instigated its loss. No doubt he threw it into the garage along with some other tools he was gathering up and now of course it's all my fault.

Why does he need the screwdriver.... why is he so sensitive about it all... because he decided to have a tidy up, after ranting about the mess, no consideration for the fact I've felt like shit and been dragging myself out of bed just to get kids to school and home and fed... All week he's been out late at work for dinners, while the house has got messier. In his mad tidy up he hung every coat, seater, etc he could find on the coat rack on the wall in the hall. We have plasterboard walls... the whole thing fell down and of course we are all bearing the brunt of his embarrassment, I now sit here in fear listening to him hammering at the wall. Does anyone know the name of a good plasterer?

What he still hasn't seen is that if he'd just handed the kids all their many items of clothing to put away this would not have happened...

Excuse me while I go and scream.. oh wiat I can't my throat hurts too much.


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