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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why don't I write?

I have been trying to work out why I never post here anymore. It took me a while but finally I figured it out. I got lost, I started to read lots of different blogs, quite a few were knitting ones. I felt I should put some of my knitting here and then whumpf... my blog writing dried up.

That wasn't why I set up a blog. I set up my blog to tell a story and I guess it may be time to get back to that one. I'm going to tidy up around here and see if I can't find my way back to writing again.

Bear in mind, it's school holidays, I just dug up 40lbs of potatoes from the garden and last time I said this another year went by. But cross everything. By the way, does anyone have any good recipes for potatoes? Or ways to store them...

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