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Monday, February 01, 2010

Really, I don't feel well...

I've been battling some kind of infection in my chest since New Year's Eve. Antibiotics got the worst of it, but the cough just would not shift. Finally sorted myself out to see the Doc I really get on with and after two visits he diagnosed bronchitis, gave me an inhaler and some steroids and sent me off for a chest X ray.

It seems that maybe my mum's years of chain smoking around us as children have paid off, lung damage... thanks Mum.

My son has been in stitches watching me try to use the inhaler, I just could not coordinate breathing in, squirting the inhaler and keeping my tongue out of the way. He described it as like watching a cartoon, as my eyes would suddenly bulge in shock and then I would madly lick at my arm trying to remove the vile taste. I quickly went and bought myself a spacer and solved that problem. I don't like the way the stuff makes me feel so jittery, but I have to admit breathing is kind of fun. Funny what you miss when you haven't been doing it so well.

The steroids were another thing, why anyone would take this for any reason other than medical is beyond me. My chest X ray was clear, and now I'm just trying to let my poor lungs repair themselves from about a month of dry coughing.

Finally felt well enough to pack up the Christmas Decs into their storage boxes and heave them up into the attic. A friend came round to help and it feels like a huge nagging beast has been chased away. I had moved everything into one room and the garage but still every time I saw them sat there I realised it was getting closer to Feb. Anyone else still not put there's away yet?

I've also been clearing through stuff in this house, we moved in three years ago and finally I have pushed myself to go through some of the bits and bobs that never found a home. Some would say, just throw it out, you didn't need it. But I found some stuff I've been hunting for since the darn move.

Jinx had his 5th birthday on Jan 23rd, I cannot believe he's five. He is currently snoring away in his basket, much more laid back these days but still the best decision I ever made.

I am going to try and just write a little each time I log onto the internet... I'm not going to worry about what I should write, why I should write... just ramble and see if that gets me back to blogging. I have been enjoying reading everyone's blogs but it's time to get back in the saddle.

Sorry if this was a bit of a nightmare round robin letter type post... I hope to improve.


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