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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Retail therapy and friends...

I am sitting here chilling after a great weekend. My best friend came to stay, we went shopping, didn't buy much. Ok so I bought a new laptop but that has been on the shopping list for months, been looking for just the right machine at the right price. My current machine was bought back when I was diagnosed and is finally on it's last legs. So much so that I have actually backed up and will do so tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

But it was just nice to potter about the shops, stop for coffee, potter some more, try on mega expensive clothes in boutique clothes shops, because I can! Was so funny though, the shop assistants were passing in tops, "Try this." "This is gorgeous."

Well you try them on, and step out, Simon is like "Oh yes that's nice, like that. No not that." go back behind curtain take off top, hang back on hanger and nearly pass out at price tag..........

One top was £230... who buys a casual top for £230? I almost texted Simon from the changing room to say "Dis the top quick... " but managed to escape without anything. Needed coffee after to recover mind. I could understand maybe for something really really classy for a very special occasion... but this was just not that kind of top. How the wealthy live... might as well sit outside the shop and just burn money.

Still it was fun trying them on, but I don't think that even if I won the lottery I could have brought myself to waste money like that. I'd rather send a donation to charity.

We also had an evening at friends, with all the kids, played the biggest game of Perudo, Indian takeaway and a snuggle with my friends' cat Coco. Coco has just been diagnosed with cancer, so I had a chat with him about joining the club. We compared notes, he played chase the toy with me and we had a cuddle. I hope this is one of those really slow growing old age ones, I've known Coco since he was a kitten. I rescued him and his brother out of a tree.

Yet again the Big C raises it's ugly head...

PS Nine people playing Perudo = 2hour long game.



Blogger Jammie J. said...

Getting out and doing stuff you don't usually do is always a good thing, even if you do nearly pass out from the price of it! :)

Sorry about the kitty. Cancer sucks ass.

5:30 am  

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