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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Something I love about myself...

Tough day to answer this one, as I completely forgot that before I went out for my meeting last night I had downed a large mug of coffee and then at the end of the meeting someone bought me a coke. 3.30am I suddenly realised why I couldn't get to sleep. Finally fell asleep at 4,.30am only to be woken by Jinx ( my dog) at 5.10am growling in the kitchen with the odd Wuuff. Went down to get him, he settled down on the floor in the spare room where I was "sleeping" so as not to disturb hubby. Fell back to sleep 5.40ish he wakes me up desperate to go out. Chased off any foxes, I didn't hear any, pottered about while I leant against the patio door waiting.

I'm seriously not feeling the love today, depression really kicks in when you've not gotten any sleep, then woke and weighed in to find that after a week of being really really good and swimming three times, I'd not lost an ounce! Even if I moved the scales about the floor a bit. We'll ignore the point where they claimed I weighed more.

Headed out to meet friend and pigged out all day, depression can do that to a girl.

So what do I love about myself? I like my eyes, although since the hysterectomy they don't change colour as much. I like that when I am given a challenge I rise up and get on with it. I like that I always try to help a friend in need, in any way I can. I like that in an emergency I can pull it together and be useful. But what do I LOVE about myself?

Suddenly the first meme seems so much easier... I honestly don't think I LOVE anything about myself right now. Ask me in the Spring...


Blogger ppreacherswife said...

I soooo know the feeling! Its hard tolove anything about yourself when its cold, dreary and just blah.

12:46 am  
Blogger Michelle said...

I love that you are always there for me and you know what to say when I am feeling down about what's going on with me. I love that you respect my beliefs even when you don't share them. I love that your heart is so big and so full of love for others. :)

6:33 pm  
Blogger noonie said...

Ahh thanks Angi and Michelle... xxx

10:03 pm  
Blogger Jammie J. said...

Insomnia is the absolute worst. After I struggle with a night of that, I never ever make any decisions or even think about how I'm feeling until after I've had some good sleep.

Operating on no sleep is fundamentally like being an overly tired child... all you want to do is cry.

3:52 am  

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