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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Well, that went well…

Well, that went well…

First cycle is finished! Two doses down, only ten more to go, or five more cycles. I saw my Consultant today and got some results. For the medically minded:

Tumour Markers Day 1 were 600ish Tumour markers Day 15 300ish -  getting smaller is a good thing.

Liver function – still normal

Blood Counts – hanging in there, bit of a dip in neutrophils but not enough to worry about

Bone Scan Results – NO VISIBLE METS – it’s not in my bones… although there is something odd on my spine that they are going to x ray and just keep an eye on. But so far so good.

Side effects this cycle – No sickness, apart from a tad queasy first night – upped the anti sicks hasn’t happened again. Hair is staying in, I think it’s staying in better now than it was before chemo. But shhhhh don’t let it know. Tired… but afternoon naps and not overdoing it is paying off. By last week I was managing to walk more each day.

Step count – before this all started avg 10,000 steps a day and most of that done walking round woods in an hour with Jinx. Now I am managing around 3000 from the Sunday after chemo, very slowly, building to about 7000 at a reasonable pace. I love walking round the woods and just getting to be by myself for an hour.

Oooh and only one full blown Mummy Vesuvius meltdown… not bad, I am trying to be more understanding of how this is all affecting Paul and George.

This first cycle has been a little bit messy organization wise. I realized, about halfway through, that I had been squeezed into schedules and that in the mad chaos they kind of forgot to tell me things here and there. Nothing major that hasn't been fixed, but now I know these things the next cycle should run a lot smoother.

Ever wonder why we need all these different Cancer charities, well first and foremost so that research gets done outside of the drug company agendas. Secondly, so that there are extra nurses about to help support and organize everything. Doctors are surprisingly inept at this, they are like husbands or teenage children. They say, this must happen, and then look confused when things don’t happen as they have ordained.

Luckily there are specialist nurses scurrying about in the background sorting chemo schedules, making sure appointments get booked and answering the daft questions us cancer patients come up with every day. Trouble is, someone forgot to assign me my Clinical Specialist Nurse and so I was flailing about trying to get questions answered, confirm appointments, and discovering that some appointments had been forgotten and slipped through the net. We got there in the end, but it’s an added bit of stress that you really can do without out at times like this.

So this Friday it all begins again, blood counts depending, and I’ll have taken another step forwards and put three doses behind me. Now I suppose I had better get on with painting this dollshouse so I can show off some progress on that. I don’t have any more excuses…


Blogger janice wong said...

All sounds very positive Amanda - very glad you have ironed out the teething problems around schedules etc and now have a nurse specialist to guide you through. Walks in the woods with Jinx must be a delight and i hope the weather stays reasonable enough for you to continue them. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your doll's (or is it dolls"??) house ` post some pictures when you can. On the bad days, turn on that lava lamp and loose yourself in its motion. Onwards and upwards - you are not alone xxxx

12:22 am  
Blogger Patricia Goins said...

It sounds like you are on top of it. I'm here if you need me-

1:37 am  
Blogger Claire Faulkes said...

Pleased to hear you are getting organised and its going well so far xxxx

4:46 pm  

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